Advanced Vision Care Featuring Lenses & Prisms

Prism Glasses to Help Learning

Lenses and prisms may provide unique benefits for learning. Are you or your child a suitable candidate for learning lenses or prism?

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Leonard J. Press, O.D., FAAO, FCOVD

Dr. Press has been recognized as a leading authority in vision development and vision therapy. Co-author of the Clinical Practice Guideline on Visually Related Learning Problems for the American Optometric Association, he is author of the acclaimed textbook “Applied Concepts in Vision Therapy”.

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Dr. Press’ Recommended Resources

These are a sample of books, monographs, articles, and videos providing more information related to our services.

Vision Help Blog

The Vision Help Blog provides timely information related to vision, learning & therapy. Dr. Press has written over 1,000 blogs with nearly 2 million views.

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Elsevier Practice Update Eyecare

Dr. Press is associate editor of this unique online publication helping doctors stay current on clinical research & developments in Optometry and Ophthalmology.

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VisionHelp is a group of the country’s leading authorities in vision-based reading/learning problems, amblyopia, strabismus, brain injury, and therapy.

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Signs & Symptoms of Vision Problems

These are the eight signs or symptoms we most often see in our consulting practice.

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